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What is my intersection?

Have you ever found yourself lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood, struggling to figure out where you are? Or perhaps you're trying to give someone directions to your current location, but you don't know the nearest intersection. That's where "What is My Intersection?" comes in. This website is designed to help you easily find the nearest street intersection based on your current location, along with your full address and GPS coordinates.

GPS Enabled

GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a technology that uses satellites to pinpoint the geographic location of a device. This technology has revolutionized the way we navigate, providing accurate and real-time location data for everything from smartphones to car navigation systems. "What is My Intersection?" utilizes GPS technology to help users quickly and accurately find their nearest street intersection.


"What is My Intersection?" offers three main features:

  1. Finding the nearest street intersection - The website analyzes your location data and pinpoints the closest intersection of two streets.
  2. Providing the full address - In addition to the intersection, the website also provides your exact address so you can easily share your location with others.
  3. Displaying GPS coordinates - For those who prefer GPS coordinates, the website displays your latitude and longitude for easy reference.

These features offer users a simple and efficient way to find their location details, making navigation and communication easier than ever.

How to Use the Website

Using "What is My Intersection?" is incredibly simple:

  1. Visit the website on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  2. Allow the website to access your location data (rest assured, your privacy is protected, and the website will not store this information).
  3. Within seconds, the website will display your nearest street intersection, full address, and GPS coordinates.

Practical Applications of the Website

There are numerous practical applications for "What is My Intersection?", including:

  1. Everyday situations - Whether you're exploring a new city or trying to meet up with friends, the website makes it easy to find and share your location.
  2. Emergency situations - In case of an emergency, providing your exact location to first responders can be vital. The website helps you quickly relay this information.
  3. Business and professional uses - Delivery drivers, real estate agents, and other professionals who need to accurately communicate their location can benefit from this website's features.


"What is My Intersection?" streamlines the process of finding your nearest street intersection, full address, and GPS coordinates. With its user-friendly interface and practical applications, it's an essential tool for anyone navigating unfamiliar areas or simply looking for a more efficient way to share their location. Give the website a try the next time you need help finding your way, and experience the benefits of this innovative navigation solution.

About Intersection (road)

An intersection or an at-grade junction is a junction where two or more roads converge, diverge, meet or cross at the same height, as opposed to an interchange, which uses bridges or tunnels to separate different roads. Major intersections are often delineated by gores and may be classified by road segments, traffic controls and lane design.

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